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Janta Colony offers few opportunities to earn a living, particularly for women, many of whom typically leave the slum at dawn to work as house cleaners or street vendors in nearby cities. Shortly after starting its program, DIR became aware that these woman have little choice but to leave older children in charge of younger siblings, which had negative impacts on child health and made it difficult for women to benefit from DIR services and educational opportunities.

DIR_wine bags_MG_9459_web

DIR wine bags are made in sizes for standard wine bottles or for larger champagne bottles.

In response, DIR launched stitching classes in the basti, with the aim of building a skill that would allow women to work at home. Women who enroll in the classes have opportunity to produce enough goods to re-sell to DIR to pay their tuition. DIR then supplies graduates with sewing machines and donated fabric, and makes a point of paying cash on delivery for each item produced. With flexible hours and a fair income, these women gain status in their households and in the community. It is also evident that they invest their earnings in nutritious food and sending their children to school.

Your purchase of these items helps to further empower the people who have made them by hand. All proceeds from the sales is directed toward running DIR’s program in India.

The women in Janta Colony also make small hand purses and I-pad covers.

The women in Janta Colony also make small hand purses and I-pad covers.

To purchase iPad bags, select here!.

Water bottle bags have a sturdy strap for carrying.



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