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Posts from the ‘Health’ Category

Message from DIR’s Founder and CEO

Welcome to the NEW DIR website, and a special welcome to the readers who are visiting to see photos and read stories of what their donations have allowed us to accomplish.

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Promoting Health

SUCCESS: DIR provides training in areas such as health, hygiene and nutrition so that local residents can serve as Health Promoters.

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Care for Mothers and Babies

SUCCESS: The infant mortality rate in Janta Colony is less than half the national average: just 20 deaths per 1000 births compared to 49/1000 across India.

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Facilitating Immunization

SUCCESS: Almost 100% of children in Janta Colony are fully immunised, compared to national averages of 40% to 60% (depending on disease).

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Monitoring Child Development

SUCCESS: Since 2005, the rate of severe malnutrition for children under 5 years in Janta Colony has plummeted from 87% to less than 20%.

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